Keyword Research Service

What’s New?

Our method for finding easy to rank SEO Keywords is not typical. If you are expecting data from the Google Keyword Planner then this is not a right place for you. We do not determine anything from this tool especially search counts this means nothing for the information we provide.

Tools We Use

We have custom made keyword research tools that find keywords according to our custom query filters that includes lowest DA, TF, CF and Backlinks Count that means you will get actual easy to rank keyword with lowest competition.


1000+ Monthly Searches

CPC Starts from $1

Lowest DA/TF/CF

HIGH Commercial Intent

Easy To Rank



1 Primary Keyword

3 Related Secondary Keywords

1000+ Monthly Searches (Only Primary)

1500+ Monthly Searches (Total)

$1+ CPC (Only Primary)

Easy To Rank

Only For Adsense

PRICE: $10


5 Primary Keywords

15 Related Secondary Keywords

3000+ Monthly Searches (Only Primary)

6000+ Monthly Searches (Total)

$1+ CPC (Only Primary)

Easy To Rank

Only For Adsense

PRICE: $25


1 Primary Keyword

5 Related Secondary Keywords

500+ Monthly Searches (Only Primary)

1000+ Monthly Searches (Total)

$50+ Related Products

Easy To Rank

PRICE: $15


Custom Niche

1 Primary Keyword

4 Related Secondary Keywords

Top 10 Competitor Report

Easy To Rank

Only For Adsense & Amazon

PRICE: $20

Delivery Time

48 Hours for Micro

72 Hours for Amazon & Custom

7 Days for Authority

Refund Policy

No Refund, For Genuine Reasons, We will replace those Keywords.