Press Release Service

We Distribute to major news sites like ABC, CNN,
NBC, FOX news, PR Media list and many others to
market your brand or product and get
instant traffic and sales!!!

Why a Press Release?

Press releases can work as a component of a direct linking traffic strategy, where you intend to get a blitz of short term but relevant traffic to a site. If your monetizing element is tied to a controversial niche or topic that creates evergreen buzz (like “finally, a cure for nagging women!”) or some such, the initial blitz will lead to organic links from community discussions on social sites, and other viral momentum.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the importance of quality press releases and we use our own press release service for our clients and personal websites so you know the quality is great. Unlike many other fly by night services. We are not part of any group buy network as we distribute the press releases ourselves entirely. You will also get 100% guaranteed Google News placement and over 100 high quality and authoritative links from your press release. This means that your websites and your client’s websites are not seen by a bunch of other internet marketers, offering you peace of mind that your websites are safe. We are also the first service that offers written for you press releases by in house, native english speakers as well. No spun content, no broken english, just high quality articles that are custom written for you.

What We Offer?

Professional Written PR copy for 300-400 words

Distribution to 4 Paid PR Sites

Distribution to 100 Free PR Sites


Just $99

Delivery Time

7 – 15 Days

Depends on Number of Orders